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The proceedings of the 9th International Conference on System Simulation in Buildings are available here.

System Simulation in Buildings 2014

This 9th International Conference on System Simulation in Buildings has been the opportunity to gather researchers coming from 13 countries, sharing the last results of their research works. Some of the presented works were conducted in the frame of projects from the International Energy Agency's Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme (EBC).

In the name of the organizing committee, I would like to thank:

  • The authors who wrote highly interesting papers reviewed afterwards by their peers.
  • The members of the Scientific Committee who conducted an excellent reviewing of the papers, and contributed to maintain the high quality of the conference.
  • The participants for the interesting and fruitful discussions they initiated during and after the presentations.
  • The research and administrative team of the Thermodynamics Laboratory, and particularly François Randaxhe and Isabelle Cosyns, who made this event possible and successful.

I hope that the diffusion of this year proceedings will contribute, even to a small extent, to improving the energy performance of buildings by promoting the development of simulation tools and by sharing these tools among scientist and engineering offices.

We hope that you enjoyed the conference and expect to see you in winter 2018 for the 10th edition of SSB.

Vincent Lemort
Chairman of SSB 2014



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